Gosh I totally wondered yesterday morning (was it only 24 hours ago this started to sink in because I am spent?) why my 95% of my feed was saying WTF? And yet he still won. I didn’t get it. Geoff Gates you bring up good points.

I was felt so fucking offended by the small percent calling us fools, posting angry looking eagles, posting the results with glee and gloating. It was so bad for me I had to go off and deactivate. And that was because of the tiny fraction.

The thing is, I would have been gloating hard core. I would have been in your face gloating, and not realizing I may be offending people. I am not that person, but I know I would have here because my elation would have outweighed anything else, including, the realizing that some people would be upset.

Until I can sort through my emotions and build up the strength to accept, I’m taking a social media break.

There are 10 stages of grief with the final one being acceptance.

I’m still at number 2. I need some time.


Fierce Force 💃🏼

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Inspired and Inspire! Raw Grit. Naked On The Page. Mother. Chief Fierceness Officer. Corporate Director. Used to survive. Now I thrive. Endless possibilities.

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