So I would love to follow you and I will begin writing today.
Your words touched my heart on a major level!
Jennifer Marie Gady

How I Served You and You Served Me Rightย Back.

Jennifer Killgore


On Nov. 2nd I learned that exposing myself served a purpose. It took me a long time to expose myself to myself. I was strong about everything else and was exploding forward in so many ways but one I couldnโ€™t do on my own. In order to face what was in the way I had to have my inner teacher be louder then my doubts. Once I did that I decided to expose myself in writing. For the first time. And once I did, I learned it touched someone. You. I wasnโ€™t alone. What I said made sense. Someone else got it. You! Affirmation.

Now you serve me. Every. Damn. Day. Witnessing you peel layer after layer, deeper and deeper, blows my mind. With each layer pulled you rise higher. You are my affirmation that I did what I did for a reason. And now- Iโ€™m lifted up by you speaking your truth! My hashtag theme all year. You go lady!! Iโ€™m so fucking proud! Of me. Of you. Of us. Of our tribe!

I talk about you a minimum of three times a day. Yesterday in a group I shared about me. I shared about you. Because of that a woman shared how she had been abused by a family member for years. She broke down. And because of her vulnerability she was freed. Of tears. Of grief. Of anger. And emerged. So Jennifer Killgore you are touching people daily! Did you know one month ago today you would be doing that? What a gift you are giving the world. Keep it up! Sending you the biggest vibes and the biggest hugs of love and light and strength!


December 6th FUERTE! You my sister are worthy!