No Cure All
Charlie Ambler

I just spent 5 amazing days with Eckhart. Your write up sums up his messages perfectly. And his wife Kim Eng focused on stillness and presence in movement. You can be aware and still while moving, walking meditation, in line at the grocery store, in the bathroom whatever. Just be aware and still.

Fear is usually psychological fear we create in our mind. Anxiety too. About things in the future. Where is the direct threat now? It doesn’t exist so be still in this moment. Sit with however you are and higher consciousness. Transcend your mind so you use it it doesn’t use you. Eckhart taught incredible wisdom. Don’t seek to be enlightened. Just get out of your own way. If your suffering becomes intolerable and you surrender you will let your mind be still. That’s enlightenment.

Whatever challenges you have walk through them. What’s in the way, is the way. E.T.


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