I wrote three that day and on my second day is when Fierce Force 💃🏼 shared a link to her story “My Precious Vicodin” and I felt like I was a part of something.
Inspiration: Fierce Force
Jennifer Marie Gady

I remember being determined to write this piece during my very early writing- obsessed with using Frodo and Gollum pics- cause their faces represented emotions and resonated. And it was my way of making this all real.

And you wrote right away and that was so affirming to hear that someone else got it. I was blown away. I write it for me, but that was an affirmation. It was beautiful.

It doesn’t matter what it is- there is so much similarity and I tagged you tonight in a piece by discussing this issue by Gabor Maté

Jennifer Marie Killgore you ARE part of Something. Im so honored to read your words! Very grateful!

Keep walking and believing!

And Jenn you have so much love within you I hope you give all that love to your self right now. I hope you don’t spend energy on him OR her! Focus on you sweet Jennifer Marie Killgore ❤️❤️❤️so much love!

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