Realizing that the truth isn’t so scary if we just try to understand it helps us stop lying to ourselves.
Transcending the Dark Side
Charlie Ambler


Ahhhhhh Charlie Ambler Lying to ourselves is HELLA easy to do……

Walking out of denial, NOT as easy, or fun. People like Cole Chance can be cheerleaders waiting in the wings though. She promises the other side is beautiful. I put this here because I’m convinced one of you, today, needs to hear her podcast.

One of you, may want some free videos on yoga, or want guidance.

One of you — might need some help walking out of a situation that doesn’t serve you anymore. You might need to know you are not alone. You might get excited to know there is a mega huge tribe of wild strong women emerging from darkness!

I’m here for that. More to come! Come with me! Heather Nann


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