An open, anonymous letter to your doctor about drinking too much
Belle Robertson

On point. You are right about they should assume double the answers. This year I at my annual check up they gave me an iPad that asked a ton of questions on behavior, on depression, and alcohol, yet zero questions on drugs. Zero. I found that fascinating. Maybe someone doesn’t drink but abuses any and all kinds of drugs. The thing is no smart person who knows how to play the game is going to answer honestly or volunteer any information anyway- that is until they are ready. But once once they are hopefully doctors learn to help.

I don’t think it occurs to doctors what might be going on with someone as they trouble shoot.

Many years ago I told one of my doctors who specializes in women’s health and thyroid stuff “hey by the way — - remember the other year when I seemed out of sorts and my marriage started going awry, something was wrong I didn’t know what? We were also doing a ton of Molly. I wanted you to know so u don’t just assume all working moms are on the straight and narrow and it may help you in the future as you trouble shoot to consider what else might be going on”. She was just like “what’s Molly?”.

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