Transcending the Dark Side
Charlie Ambler

On presence — in comfort and discomfort, in stillness and movement, in chaos and clarity.

Thank you Charlie Ambler. Food for thought for sure.

Too much thoughts on anger, sadness, grief is too much past and not enough presence. Too much fear, worry, anxiety, is too much future and not enough presence. We can be present anywhere- mediation can be while standing in line at the store. Awareness — presence- as much as possible brings us peace, and shows love. When the phone rings breathe, take a moment, be aware while picking up the phone in your hand. Feel the sun through the window while driving. Hear the distant voices while walking. When walking in a room, notice windows and art and the color of the walls before you chose a place to sit. Check in with and scan your body. A lot. Breathe, slow breath in through the nose and out the mouth. A lot. Presence through movement. Presence while sitting. Moving meditation. Hurry slowly. It helps the discomfort by more comfortable. It helps the joy be savored. Magic is happening.

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