A Cry For Release…..
Jennifer Marie Gady

Poetic Darkness

Jennifer Marie Gady

Jenn- oh Jenn…. Such griping to the core poetry. Poetic darkness. Jenn let us know that you are with us please. We are breathing and holding space for you.

Stop fighting yes…. By surrendering. Not surrendering to her. Or worse. But surrendering to your inner healer. On your knees bowed down to the Earth. To your Goddess. You are surrounded with love and embodied with greatness. The best win back story ever! Your talent is a true gift. More of this. You did what you wrote the other day about Jonas Ellison’s call, you didn’t hide, you were honest, and you deep dove into yourself with words for all of us to see. That is such a talent Jenn. Please come out of her mind and into your own inner healer. Take a breath. Walk. And ask for help. The universe is here to cradle you.

And in Abilene TX there is support. Find it dear Jenn. Keep walking. Much love.

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