Rising Vibes.

Regardless of how this “Easter” weekend is observed and celebrated in each our hearts Medium tribe, I am feeling a humongous COMMUNAL RISING vibe going on-

No gender boundaries

No country boundaries

No religion boundaries

No cultural boundaries

No language barriers

No hate blockades


An Openess

An empowerment

A blissful state of presence and love

A sense of worthiness and rights being honored

A sense of holiness and wholeness

An all knowing that the Universe is holding space for us as we all look up, feel up, stand up, and show up. As we all RISE UP!

For ourselves, and for each other.

Tell me, do you feel it too? Let’s keep going and let ourselves unfold as we are. For we know this is the way. An unfolding on each of our individual paths for a collective consciousness of rising up. Very cool.

I manifest for this tribe time and spaces to be present, let go, renew, refresh, feel spring, feel the innocence and excitement of giggles, and sit and move in awareness. #feeldeeply #love #presence #knowyourworth #speakyourtruth #innocence #easter #spring


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