Hey there! Thanks for saying those nice things about me.
H. Nemesis Nyx

Scrolling Medium Today?

Stop by, take a seat for a hott second. Stay a while.

H. Nemesis Nyx I will come back to this as words marinade. I appreciate you writing.

I repost this in the meantime. So much love for you. This, is what I stand by. I always believe people and stories and words appear to someone right at moment they need it. Perhaps you and your words will resonate with someone scrolling this moment.

I like to be a connector. Like Malcom Gladwell describes in his book the tipping point.

I hope today someone is moved by you like I had been on the first day I saw your writing last fall, on the first day you lifted me up when I fell down naked on the page, through the election, and ever since when you appear right when I was meant to see your vulnerability and your strength (kind of the same thing).

And readers, if you ever feel meek, if you want to shout, but don’t have a voice, then channel your inner cyborg. She is a speaker of truth. May she inspire you.

Strength and perseverance. Yes!

Inspiration. Yes!

Believing in people’s inner strength.


Seeing our beauty, seeing our vulnerability, seeing our strength. ❤️

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