You’re most welcome… but?

Thank you for sharing your truth, I am so glad you said something as I was not thinking about it from that perspective at all.

I will explain where I was coming from but not at all to debunk what you are saying; I’m truly grateful you told me so that I can be mindful of this in the future for sure.

For me what this was about working hard to make space in my life and being rewarded by an amazingly cool thing happening. It makes me believe more then ever in the power of us humans being held space for by the universe and that intention and manifesting and being open work which is why your words spoke to me at I saw them at the perfect time to read them.

for as you lead
in your loving care
I have no choice
but to follow

These above trusted words by Terijo

During and after my divorce my neighbors and friends backed off — going through a divorce is very isolation especially it seems if there is infidelity because it’s something that I needed to protect my kids from so I couldn’t share.

In order to have connection I tried to start a single parent support tribe called the Vagibonds (“vaginas bonding” get it? Ha). I had to let it go though because I was the only one managing it and I was being held together by scotch tape at the time, I thought I would end up with a nervous breakdown or rehab because it was so insane to manage a billion dollar territory, run my house, and be present to parent 3 children by myself. I kept believing and manifesting though that one day I would find a way to be involved in this pull I had to help.

On August 1st, 2017 during a solo trip to Mexico I said not this to alcohol and burden for now. I said not this to anxiety and I surrendered. I picked up my pen. I wrote my heart out leaving it all on the page — drained and empty. I fell in love. The trip became a surprise incredible love story that I had only decided to go on 12 hours before I did. Me and my hott date, my inner healing goddess, came back with an open heart and it’s been an off the hook incredible 7 1/2 weeks since, with The Breakup Project being the shining star highlight.

It’s like something I manifested for 6 years came into my life packaged in all things I’ve had a vision of and more. A gift with a bow on top. It’s like The Secret. It’s like The Law of Attraction. Like..

my confirmation
my affirmation

— that this stuff isn’t just hog wash or hokey…. It’s legit! If one does the work.

If my enthusiasm or overzealousness jumps off the page this is why, because I’m truly blown away that a startup from May randomly (or is it?) found its way to me at the exact minute I was ready and listening for it.

And I actually thought wow- Terijo just wrote out my life right now❤️. I had not been able to succinctly say what’s happened but I read it in yours I was so greatful.

Anyway Chica — - I hope this explains my intent. I’ve deleted the Breakup Project images from my response to you on Follow and I hope that you can forgive me. I believe we are presented with lessons to learn and if we don’t learn, then the universe will show us situations again and again until we learn. This is one time, the first time, and I can guarantee you I will not need a repeat opportunity to get it. And I would have not learned had you kept it inside and most likely harbored a resentment. Your points are valid. I hope if any other writers read this they may use my lesson for themselves to be mindful of this as well going forward, as well as everyone see the benefits of speaking truth.

So thank you for sharing!!!

Much love. 💋


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