The Music of Silence

Presence, Stillness, Sanity, Clear, and Calm, Live in Concert tonight

tonight’s light

When we are quiet messages come… I’ve written about this all week, and I received an ah -ha tonight worthy of remembering.

I travelled all over to follow a band and evolving generations of said band for a very long time. More then being about the band and it’s music, it’s about the culture, the community, the feel good vibe, the church. It was about sooo much, and I moved mountains to get there. A lot. And it served me and in music I celebrated.

That band was my concert, the music. And that band never came here. Ever. In decades. Not to Austin. Not to TX.

This week… there was a reoccurring silence theme in my world. Poetry in silence. Stemming front my Silence prompt on Chalkboard under Kathy Jacobs’s weekly One-Line prompt tab. I had no idea just how significant that word and prompt would morph into my daily practice and thought process this week. What a theme! A reflection on silence. Turns out I have A LOT to say on silence, the irony is not lost on me (or my host Kathy). Paradoxical indeed.

This weekend, that band? That band came here. To Texas. Here, to my world! And I didn’t even know! It wasn’t on my radar, (until a tribe member reaxhed mout, a video waa poted on instagram, and I realized thats why co-parent had not reaonded to my texrs about a child dress rehearsal this weekend) because I said goodbye to them at their 50th reunion when Bobby Weir closed their 50th reunion show with an acoustic Ripple with my tribe by me. I mean, that’s it right? What a way to say “I’m done” and close that chapter!

I reflected in my home tonight.

— -The too quiet no kids or too loud so much responsibility place I ran away from for years. The place I was afraid to be silent in.

I reflected tonight in my home.

— -My Home, foundation, my center that now I’m drawn to, invited to humbly frolic in and be still in. The space I find joy in the cray cray in, relishing in my family and the space I’m creating for them, so that they can feel community, creativity, church, the feel good vibe.

I breathe, quietly amongst the consistent breathing of offspring while they dream of adventures. I move with stillness bringing myself back to center if my thoughts roam. Grateful for awareness and the space being held for me. For us.

And as I light the candles tonight I realized, tonight my concert is the sweet music of the silence. Y es eso.

Be Fiercely Calm 💃