I’m not sorry that I chose to spend two hours yesterday feeling so much love and anticipation; writing my heart out with a reconnection vision. I was so excited to share it with you, and hopeful that you would feel as much magic reading it that I felt writing it.
Fierce Force 💃🏼


I relished in the beauty! Drawn in by your words. I was enveloped with your description. Because in this moment, reading your piece “Coffee” you are describing me Fierce Force 💃🏼 !

marika bianca — tonight — or the wee hours of this morning if you will, I read you.

— — — —

And so she wrote — almost 10,000 words worth according to Open Office — spilling her heart out and taking inventory of her feelings, every last one. She was a feeler and was unafraid to show him. She’d been determined to leave nothing left unsaid. She became an open book —
Totally exposed, she lay naked on the page.

(That sentence is wow wow wow wow?)

She poured her heart out in excruciating detail and got crickets. She knew silence was one of the possible outcomes and accepted that, even if she was not so secretly disappointed. It wasn’t the worst of the possible outcomes she’d played out in her mind.

So intense!


I could use some of your lines if I had a big profile about my writing. I can’t be any other way these days. Im grateful for that. It’s my truth. My authentic self. I love how you described the the main character, you? Or inspired by you? In your story. Amazing.

Your words touched me specifically in regards to my story that was just published yesterday. And hello universe tonight I read Coffee, not a recent piece, but I was supposed to see it! Thanks universe! And thank you marika bianca ❤️❤️❤️