Do The Work. Change The Future

This week I want to talk about miracles.

Miracle has two important definitions:

  1. a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.
  2. a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences.

Whether or not you believe in a divine agency, miracles happen. I’ve seen them in my own life. Maybe you have too.

In 2018 I want to help you to experience more miracles in your life.

Remember my question from last week’s article?

“If this world was a video game, and I want to play to maximize fun, reward, and positive results for myself and others — what choice would I make?”

This question will maximize your risk-taking and value-adding in 2018.

Now it’s for an even more powerful follow-up question:

“What highly improbable event, or extraordinary development, or accomplishment, would bring very welcome consequences in my life this year”

The two questions are linked. The first question gets you thinking more expansively about taking more risks, and giving yourself more chances and opportunities.

The second question gets you focused on outcomes or goals and will motivate you with a sense of possibility.

For you, is it:

=> My business could blow up and make $1 million dollars?

=> I could meet the woman (or man) of my dreams and start an amazing relationship with her or him?

=> I could finally get my weight under control, or get in the best physical shape of my life?

=> I could beat a chronic disease or ailment once and for all?

=> My marriage could turn around?

=> I could be re-united with an old flame?

=> I could start up a connection with an estranged child?

Don’t think small. We’re talking about miracles here! Remember, a miracle is feeding 5,000 people with two fishes and a few loaves, or a dead man kicking off the door of his casket and asking for some deodorant. So, if YOUR “miraculous” desired outcome is anything short of the deal rising or water turning into wine, you’re still within the realm of possibility.

I know a lot of you are hard-science, practical people. So am I. Don’t get me wrong; I am not being anti-scientific here. I am merely admitting, as any rational person must, that there is much more to this material experience of the world than we can apprehend through the limited apertures of our five senses and current scientific instruments.


As we discussed last week, there is a definite non-zero probability that we are all in a computer simulation anyway, and a good chance that we can bend or break the “rules” of this reality, if we discover how. (Every computer game I’ve ever played has had “cheat codes”.)

I want you to write down a detailed list of all the miraculous things that could occur in your life this year. Include everything, exclude nothing.

Then, think about them. Spend a good 30 min to an hour on this! Really ruminate and visualize how your life could change drastically for the better.

A miracle is a device for collapsing time. Time is demonstrably relative, and already collapsible by existing physical methods (i.e., traveling really fast). Imagine any “long processes” you’re currently going through in life and consider how they could be collapsed. This could be a relationship healing, a windfall of cash to reach a savings or investment goal, or a business process or deal going through in record time, or skill mastery hitting a new level unexpectedly. But there is another way that miracles collapse time: forgiveness.

A miracle is an act of true forgiveness. The act of forgiveness does not say — “You wronged me, but I, being magnanimous, will not seek revenge.” This is how the world defines forgiveness, but it is the wrong definition. The real definition is: “Nothing happened.” The act that requires forgiveness is completely overlooked. True forgiveness is not “I forgive your error,” it is “There was no error.” This act completely frees victim and perpetrator.

The first and most important forgiveness task is yourself. How much anger do you hold against yourself for “mistakes” you’ve made, or errors you’ve judged yourself for? How much of that do you still carry around on your shoulders, in your gut? Is it making you sick? You can forgive yourself, and heal. You should start with yourself, since if you cannot forgive yourself, you cannot forgive anyone else.

Write down a list of all the things and people you can forgive, with this definition, right now — starting with all the perceived errors you’ve made that you’re still holding onto, and then proceeding to your family, the people closest to you, your friends, your boss ….everyone.

This list may bring up strong feelings. Just look at it. If you can work towards finding it in your heart to truly forgive these acts and people, you will gain access to the miracle of collapsed time. By forgiving in this way, you will bring freedom to yourself in an instant. You won’t be free until you’ve forgiven those who have wronged you.

You deserve freedom. Give yourself that gift this year with the miracle of forgiveness. It might be your most important act. It will unlock miracles across the rest of your life.

We are all encumbered by an ego full of garbage: negative thoughts, maladaptive habits, neurosis. Forgiveness starts to burn away this karma and lighten your load. It cleanses your mind and allows more light and love in, which will utterly transform your life in way impossible to anticipate.

For 2018 — review this list of miracles you’ve written. Tape it to your bathroom mirror. Look at it weekly. If you really want results, look at it daily. Keep the potential of miracles continuously in your mind. The breadth of possibility will only be available to you if you concentrate your consciousness on it.

If you do this work, you will change your future. If you do this work, you *can* expect miracles.

I preach this, but I also practice it. My biggest forgiveness challenge is my parents. They did some truly horrendous things to me as a child — or did they? From the perspective of the miracle of forgiveness, nothing happened. Dealing with the emotions and memories of that is hard.

I could hold all that anger inside and it could eat away at my internal organs. I could focus it outward and project violence and manipulation into the world, as so many men do.

Or I could find a way to forgive it and release it, and undo a massive knot of karma and drama at the core of my being. Who knows what beauty could come into that opened space?

It’s easy to write, hard to do. I’m walking the path, just like you. Let’s be more and more earnest each day in our pursuit of true forgiveness. Let’s ask for help. Let’s pray for the strength to forgive. Let’s do the work and change our future. Let’s do the work and expect miracles.

Yours in brotherhood,

Andrew R Long


Originally published at FG.