Ed Latimore, Undefeated Heavyweight Boxer & Physics Major

One of the great things about social media is how it exposes you to people you would otherwise never meet. We recently met @EdLatimore via Twitter, and got together for a wide-ranging, value-packed conversation with him.

Allow me to introduce Ed: a dual major in Physics and Electrical Engineering from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a man who grew up in the projects, an undefeated 9–0 heavyweight boxer, and a member of the Army National Guard, and I believe he also speaks French (although I didn’t ask him about that.)

I present some brief show highlights below, but there’s really no way to encapsulate all the good stuff in this conversation. Listen to the whole thing right now:

  • What Ed learned growing up in the Projects
  • The power of sobriety …and how there’s no place for alcohol if you want to be productive
  • Time management tip: “emptying the bucket”
  • Truism: “No matter how well you do, somebody is gonna tell you that you suck.”
  • The truth about boxing: it sucks, and “you have to choose your sh!t sandwich.”
  • You cannot do things because of other people.
  • How important it is to be careful who you take advice from, especially as you get to higher levels of performance
  • How healthy relationships are built on not becoming a guy who caters to your woman
  • The path of mastery: “After 8 years, I’m just starting to understand boxing”
  • Ed’s advice to young men: choose good people to be around (positive peer pressure)
  • Being popular is unimportant
  • Biggest advice to young men, guys age 18–25 — #1 spend time getting good at something and don’t b*tch out — and it’s going to suck, but stick with it and learn how to suffer, and #2 stand up for yourself.
  • “It’s gonna be tough, but it’s gonna make you a better person.”
  • “You’re gonna be in pain no matter what. So are you gonna be in pain because you’re chasing something you want, or because you’re avoiding something you don’t want?”
  • “Athletes naturally understand that you have to suffer in order to get a thing.” (This is part of the reason that cutting athletics from our kid’s lives makes them weak and unproductive in adulthood.)
  • “Get comfortable being uncomfortable.”
  • Every man should live with a woman and experience fighting with someone you live with.
  • Ed explains “Fear of success” and why it’s so debilitating
  • Stop worrying about what people think about you: ask yourself, “What do I want that’s best for ME?”

Definitely follow this gentlemen on Twitter. He also blogs over at EdLatimore.com.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Ed — we’ll be watching you rise.

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Originally published at FG.