Fierce Gentlemen Rising

Fierce Gentlemen & Ladies,

Time for a confession: I’ve been hiding out.

When Fierce Gentleman first went viral in August 2014, one of the hundreds of emails I received said, “You opened the kitchen, now you have to feed everyone who wants to eat.”

What a statement. He was right.

The problem? For many months and even years, I’ve kept the kitchen closed.

Or I’ve doled out a handful of tiny snacks to only a few people.

Today, I’m writing to tell you…I’m done with that.

I am making a public commitment to all of you, today, to take responsibility, take the initiative, and open the kitchen — for good.

The truth is, I’ve been hiding out. I’ve been neglecting my responsibility. I’ve been failing to give what I can. I’ve been failing to make this community all that it can be.

It’s time for F.G. to grow up to be the community it was meant to be.

Another truth: I’m not going to get anywhere without YOUR help. I’m at the end of what I can accomplish by myself.

Together, we can unlock the potential of this community, and help it become what it truly wants to become.

To that end, today I want to announce TWO public commitments I am making:

  1. No later than July 1st of this year, we will be opening the Fierce Gentleman Member’s Only club — an exclusive community of Fierce Gentlemen where we can network, dialogue, engage, coach, mentor, inspire and help one another. There will be membership dues that are affordable to almost everyone.
  2. Much sooner than July 1st, I will be opening up the Fierce Gentleman Master Mind — this is our elite-level program that has only accepted a handful of men in the past, and produces exceptional results — to 8 gentlemen for a 6-week intensive program. The fees from this Master Mind will help fund the Member’s Only club and make it as amazing as it can possibly be. We have not run the MasterMind in over 6 months and we may or may not run it again in 2018.

Today, I want to ask you: what would you want to see in the Fierce Gentleman Member’s Only Club?

Some ideas I have:

  • Member’s Only Forum
  • Weekly live call or online Q&A
  • Text messaging group through dedicated text messaging app (non intrusive)
  • Private video library with interviews with Fierce Gentlemen who are winning at life
  • Exclusive articles on everything from starting a business to having a happier marriage
  • What else? (Your ideas here)

I hope you’ll join me in the Member’s Only community, or the upcoming Master Mind. I’ll send more details soon.

F.G. first went online in 2013. That’s 5 years ago. It’s high time for us to blow it up.

Let’s go!

Originally published at FG.