Intuition, Your Most Powerful Ally

Intuition is intellect coming instantly in at highest speed into dominance over lower-speed, lagging brain reflexing.
R. Buckminster Fuller

As amazing as you are, how much more amazing would you be if you had constant access to your best thinking, your highest-speed intellect?

What if you put that intelligence in dominance over the instincts of your lowest nature?

I’m not talking about making your current frenetic thinking faster and better (as the world would prefer).

I mean to say that if we slow down, and quiet down, we can access a deeper wisdom and a higher Self. Into the quiet space formed by the absence of our ego-mind chatter will come an infinite wellspring of subtle guidance.

Once we’re connected to this intuition, it becomes a trusted advisor, a powerful ally. It allows us to float in an effortless, easeful circle of serenity with respect to the rest of the world.

The winds of change may howl, chaos may reign, and people may go to pieces around us, but we don’t need to be buffeted by any of that.

We can stay in peace.

At the end of 2011 I began to plan my upcoming year, as I usually do. What would I accomplish? What mountains would I climb, and what tangible markers would I pass that would reassure me that I was still making progress in the world? This time, I received a different message. I heard an overwhelming voice with a very simple command: Be still.

After nearly 30 years of scrambling from one milestone to the next I didn’t feel I could ignore this directive.

Six months of being still changed just about everything in my life.

Do you crave serenity, stillness, power, direction, certainty? It is within you.

The world’s lie is that you must seek outside yourself for an answer to your existential anxiety, when the opposite is true.

Nevertheless, it takes a deep commitment to listen to the voice of our intuition, because it is a very quiet voice, and the world is very loud.

You can deceive others, you can deceive your brain-self, but you can’t deceive your mind-self — for mind deals only in the discovery of truth and the interrelationship of all truths.
R Buckminster Fuller

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Originally published at FG.