The Difference Between a “Nice Guy” and a “Good Guy” — Laura Yates on Dating

I recently had the opportunity to speak with a wonderful dating coach. Laura Yates hails from the UK and helps both men and women recover from the pain and difficulty of breakups.

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Our conversation was far-ranging and insightful, and includes such gems as:

  • The most common piece of advice Laura gives to her male clients
  • One of the most powerful tools you can use post-breakup to recover emotionally (10:30)
  • The biggest challenges of the modern dating world (14:25)
  • The mindset you need to have in modern dating (18:00)
  • What is the fine line between “being persistent” and “being a stalker” with men pursuing women? (20:20)
  • The critical importance of boundaries in dating and relationships (24:51)
  • The difference between being a “nice guy” and a “good guy” (28:45)
  • Differences between the U.S. and the U.K. dating scene (30:00)
  • Watch us live-coach Henry through his potential “friendzone” situation (35:00 to 38:00)
  • The biggest antidote to coming across as “desperate” (38:50)
  • How to get over being a shy guy — one of the BIGGEST tips for overcoming shyness and meeting women anyway (41:18)
  • Where does confidence come from? (45:00)
  • The difference between self-esteem and confidence (46:00)

Many thanks to Laura for joining us for this interview! Methinks we haven’t seen the last of her around here.

Click here to listen to the full interview

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