There Is No Reason Or Excuse Good Enough to Justify Your Failure

There is no reason or excuse good enough to justify you not achieving your dreams and goals.

I don’t care who you are, or what your dreams or goals are. No excuse is good enough.

As a human you will naturally want to come up with all sorts of reasons and rationalizations (“rational lies”) why you simply CAN’T get there, or you have an impossible dreams, or the reasons you will be extremely unlikely to achieve your goals.

These are all just you recounting the OBSTACLES you see. When you put a goal in front of people, they will come up with a list of the OBSTACLES that stand in the way. This is actually a healthy human instinct, because it is the start of the goal-achieving process.

For instance: let’s say I tell you that one year from today you are going to be climbing Mt. Everest.

You will probably say:

* I’m not a mountaineer
* I’ve never climbed a mountain
* I don’t have any gear
* That’s dangerous
* I have to request time off work
* Isn’t that expensive?
* I don’t have time to climb Mt. Everest next year

Notice that this is just a laundry list. It’s not a list of insurmountable challenges; it’s just an enumeration of the things that would have to change in order for you to climb Everest. We could just as easily flip this list into a task list:

* Okay, I have to learn how to be a mountaineer in 12 months! How exciting!
* I’ve never climbed a mountain! It’s about time I started!
* What gear do I need?
* I’m glad I can take some risk in life, so I won’t die regretting not being more adventurous!
* I’m sure I can make it work with the rest of my schedule
* Who can I raise money from to fund this?
* 12 months is a long time, let’s get started planning!

What most people do — what characterizes average thinking — is they come up with their list of obstacles and then STOP. (Don’t feel bad, I do this also.) But this is guaranteed to keep you average, poor, and in bad health.


“Hey, you should ask for a raise!”

* Then I’d have to talk to my boss
* She might say no
* Then I would feel bad emotions

“Hey, you should get in shape!”

* I’d have to go to the gym

I’ve even heard this in everyday conversations.

Person A: “Hey, you should come out to XYZ show tonight, it’ll be really fun!”

Person B: “That would require me to leave my house.”

Nothing else needs to be said; it is implied that the requirement to leave one’s house is a show-stopper.

Without getting into a sidebar on how Netflix is basically turning all Americans into isolated loners, let’s just underscore the principle: average people’s thought process is GOAL →OBSTACLES →STOP.

Now obviously Fierce Gentlemen & Ladies have a different thought process. As listed above, this process looks more like GOAL →OBSTACLES → POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS→ACTION → REEVALUATION → DOUBLING DOWN ON ACTIONS THAT WORK→GOAL ACHIEVEMENT.

When someone codified this superior way of thinking for business they called it “Continuous improvement” and it changed a couple major car companies in both Asia and the US in the 1980s. When it was rediscovered again in the software companies it was called “lean startup” or “Agile” and has made many more fortunes. There’s no reason it can’t make you a millionaire too.

Let’s take that example: you want to be a millionaire!

* But I don’t know how to make a million dollars
* I only make $60,000 right now, and 20% of that goes to taxes
* Millionaires seem arrogant (like Donald Trump)
* I don’t want to be arrogant
* My family and friends would probably all ask me for money, and I’d probably say yes
* Does this mean I have to be an asshole too?
* What if I get a drug or hooker problem?
* Rich people are dishonest and corrupt, and that’s not me

See all the obstacles that are in the way of the average person making a million dollars?

Let’s apply our methodology here to really unpack this millionaire thing:

* How does one make a million dollars?
* Are all millionaires arrogant assholes? Maybe I should meet one and find out.
* Would my family and friends have to KNOW I have a million dollars?
* I make 60k. How can I multiply my current salary times 16.66, without working 16.66x harder?
* Do I have to be dishonest and corrupt or what if I am pure?
* Do I have a drugs and hooker problem right now?

The thing that’s getting in the way of most people’s goals is not knowledge or skills. It is attitude. Their attitude towards their goal is all wrong. They accept the FIRST reason, excuse, or rationalization that occurs to them as to why they can’t achieve their goal. And that condemns them to stay the same forever.

In order to achieve anything truly worthwhile in life, your attitude needs adjustment. You need to stop accepting your first excuse. You need to accept, instead, that NO reason or excuse, however plausible and rational-sounding, is good enough to prevent you from achieving the goal or dream you desire.

Post in the comments your goal or dream and your list of obstacles, and then how you would reframe those obstacles in light of what you just read. Let’s see who has absorbed the lesson.

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