There Is No Secret Ingredient

I’ve got news: there’s no future for you.

Unless you’re happy here, NOW, you’re fooling yourself.

“Well, I’m pretty happy right now Drew, but next year, when I get that raise…”


“Well, I’m VERY happy now Drew, because I have a great meditation practice. But I’m really looking forward to selling my house and moving to Paris.”


It’s now or never. It’s present moment awareness. Nothing else. The rest is just ego planning.

Don’t wait until next year or next decade to be happy. Yes, you’re going to be a millionaire or marry a millionaire. But that’s not happening now (unless it is. If so, congratulations!)

Otherwise, STFU about your plans. They mean nothing. Literally 0.

Your plans are not your plans. They are not what is going to happen. They are just ego planning.

In meditation this Friday night I experienced that timeless, featureless, effortless ground of being that is the Truth.

(And yes, I do realize I appear to be a Trump-sized Douchebag for capitalizing truth. So be it.)

What I realized in that meditation is that there is no need for thinking, because thinking is #justegoplanning.

After that meditation I stood in the back of the room and just watched life happen all around me. It brought me profound joy. I was not thinking, planning or calculating what was going to happen next, or judging the others around me. I was just experiencing and perceiving simultaneously the flow of the movement of the moment.

It was beautiful.

It is impossible to unhappy or anything less than happy in the Now, in the Moment. There are never any problems in the Moment. The Moment is true paradise. It is Heaven on Earth. It is the Home we can always return to. It is the Source.

The thing is…there is nothing after the Moment. There is no future. There is no “someday” and no “eventually” and there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The rainbow doesn’t have an end. The rainbow is here, now. And that’s all there is.

And another thing: there is no “succession of moments.” There is just ONE moment. This one.

It’s not like life is a counting game. “Now, it is moment one! At 2:36pm Pacific Standard Time on August the 8th year of our lord 2015 by the Gregorian Calendar was the FIRST moment. Then, the SECOND moment happened. Then, the THIRD moment…”

No. It’s not that. There’s not a series of moments in life. Life is not linear.

There is just ONE moment. Moment is unitary and solitary.

When you come into THE moment, you experience life flowing through the moment in a panoply of colors.

The Moment doesn’t move; Life does.

The Moment is always there; the frame doesn’t change. We just watch the river moving around us, and the river is never the same twice.

We spend our lives thinking Life is real and the Moment is fleeting and ephemeral but it’s just the opposite; the Moment is what’s eternal; the Changeable is what’s illusory.

Either you’re plugged into the Moment, or you’re #justegoplanning.

You’re thinking, you’re studying, you’re planning. Wow! Something big is about to happen! A big promotion and a raise! The next performance review! A big deal we just closed! Let’s go to France! Let’s learn French and do like the French do!

There’s a lot going on, but nothing’s happening.

There is no secret ingredient. It was inside you, all along. There is no fake-out. This is not affirmation or visualization or any other spiritually corrupt, intellectually satisfying technology. There is just Now.




Get it?


Originally published at FG.