In one guest blog post that we wrote for SkeltonThatcher blog ( , we started talking superficially about a major negative influencer on delivery perfomance. We discussed how the business and technical staff having (de-)evolved into completely siloed functions, communicating almost always via email, specification documents or specification tools.


DevOps Lisbon Logo

All of our team members individually believe in the power of communities. Luckily, we participated in some interesting ones. Therefore, it was almost natural for us to sponsor a very active community that spreads the word on some of our most important concepts.

This community, the Devops Lisbon Meetup has already over 500 members, and we are very proud to help them grow even more.

Like any other startup, we had to worry about putting up a few things first, like clients, projects, and team.

Now, we finally got some time to start writing some text. We’ll be using this space to share our thoughts, achievements, problems and anything else.

At Fiercely, we are very much focused on improving our clients’ software development teams performance by using solid engineering techniques.

So, stay tuned if you are also interested in this.


We use the most current engineering techniques and tools to ensure our clients’ deliveries are value driven, fast and rock solid

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