Trust is foundational for any type of relationship, whether romantic, familial, or friendship in nature. People who trust each other are able to move to deeper levels of intimacy and sharing, and feel safe to be transparent about their needs in the relationship. Although the tips here are geared toward romantic/intimate relationships, most are also relevant for parents and children, friends and work relationships as well.

  1. Check for understanding. Listen carefully to what is being said, trying to focus on gaining a clear understanding of what your partner is telling you. …


Racial injustice.

Mass shootings.

Sexual discrimination.



The media is filled with stories recently about so many scary, difficult topics. It’s overwhelming. It is hard to find any reason, or make an action plan, in the midst of this glut of information. I am a straight, white, cisgender female, which sometimes seems to make it even harder to know how to respond, what to do. I have never experienced the type of discrimination and injustice, the pain, that many of my friends must deal with on a daily basis. I am actually the benefactor of hundreds of years…

“Mom, why is that person sleeping on the sidewalk?”

“Dad, why does Jonah wear the same clothes at school every day?”

Many parents struggle with how to respond to these common questions without an easy answer. You are not alone if you’re one of these parents.

Talking to children about important social issues like homelessness and poverty can leave even the most experienced parents stumped.

Talking with children ages 2–6

At this age, children are quite literal, so your discussions with them need to be simple and to the point. To effectively explain such a complex subject:

  1. Wait for your child to bring it up…

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