Accepting To Be Happy

One major thing that will help you is accepting the lord in your heart. yes, you heard me right that is a big step but it also will help you make it through those hard times in life.
 If you really want to be happy in everything that you do then you must accept the lord in your heart. Now if you’re not ready to do something like that it’s okay no rush. But by doing it you will have him protecting you. By accepting the lord you won’t have to worry about anything because as long as you ask with faith he will be there to help you. He will grab your hand and walk you through it. God will help you be happier each day of your life. 
 But you have to want him in your heart because you feel the need to. Not just because I’m saying it. But let me tell you that all those sad moments in your life will slowly be forgotten. They will be replaced by new happy moments that the lord will put in your life. Your life will finally be bright and full of happiness. 
 The lord is waiting to show you the happiness you are looking for. Why not give him a chance to why not let him into your heart? you need him in your life come on let him in your heart.
Article By: Henry D. Fierro
Edited by: Google Programs

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