Make Your Mind Up!

Are you certain that you know what you are going to do with your life? What does your future look like to you? Do you know what career you’re going to be in? Did you know that knowing those things can affect the way your life will be?

This year many of students will graduate going out into the world to form their careers. And let me ask you a question do you think that every single one of them knows exactly what they are going to do? Do you think that they all know what career they are going to choose? See maybe a fourth of them are already packing bags up to leave to college and start their studies. And the rest well they will come out to the world probably going to work at Walmart or your local Dollar Store. And about half of them will stay in small jobs with the excuse of not wanting to be in debt. Well see if they would have planned everything out and me mentally ready they would all have brighter futures.

Why Is It Important To Make Your Mind Up?

I am a 14-year-old and I once took a look around and asked a couple of people what they were going to study. Well some of them said, “It is way to early to think of that.” And those were juniors in high school and some seniors that I asked told me, “Henry I have no idea.” Well, they are out there working long hours with a small paycheck.  But see if they would have made their mind up then right now they would be headed towards a well-paid career. Parents it is important that you sit at least once or twice a week talking to your kids about how important their future is. See me as a 14-year-old I have already made my mind up and thanks to doing that on my free time I can learn a little bit about it and by the time I really have to study it is easier on me.

Guys, it is important that we stop and think that life is not always going to be as easy as we see it now in day. Yes, right now in life you probably have everything that you want. But later than what? When you have to pay bills and end up getting married what are you going to bring food to the table with? A small paycheck or a big paycheck from the career that you decided to study?

Don’t let a 14-year-old tell it to you! Make your mind up stop and think how important it is to you and your future that you chose the career that you want. Trust me you will thank me later.


Article edited and written by: Henry D. Fierro


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