Should We Be Strong In Religion? Or Faith?

Have you ever wondered which one is more important? Your religion or your faith? This question can turn out to be one of the hardest questions to answer especially during these days. But you might find the answer a little surprising.

Who is going to take you to heaven? Your religion or your faith? It’s your faith that will get you to heaven. Let my explain why. Your religion can not be the one that will get you to heaven. “But Henry how is it possible that it won’t be my religion that takes me to heaven? I mean every Sunday I learn about the word of God.” Well yes, every Sunday and maybe even Wednesday you do learn about the word of God. But getting to heaven getting the pure salvation comes out of you. You need to be strong in your faith. The only thing that will bring you to God is how strong your relationship with him. You don’t need to put all your trust in your religion see that’s what is wrong with the human raise. We see help and we get to attached to it and when we let that happen we turn religious. We just focus on defending that one religion and focus on what people have to say about it and we even end up getting in fights over it.

We need to realize how wrong that is because if we want to get to heaven if we want a pure salvation if we want to obey the word of God then we have to focus on our faith. Ask yourself every day “What will get me to heaven? Religion or Faith?” Focus every day on making your faith in God stronger. Focusing on your religion won’t get you anywhere. At the end of the day, God was the one who sent his own son to die for your sins.

Article by and edited by: Henry D. Fierro


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