Who to Trust

I was watching an interview by the Golden Curtain Network on YouTube. The guest getting interviewed said something that caught my attention. She mentioned that a family should have a secret code In case of any emergencies.

The news are always going crazy about kids getting kidnapped and even raped. Why? It’s because kids become deceived and they trust a stranger. Have you ever thought of a way to stop this? Some parents just don’t let their kids go out. This helps but really all that you are doing is making your kids life a little boring, keeping them indoors and not letting them go out with friends and have fun. So, why not have a secret code or phrase in the family, to alert that something bad is actually happening. For example your code could be your postal number. All these may sound funny but they will help you and your family to be safe.

It is better to have more than one code just in case you are not sure of a person. Usually the kidnappers are people that are very near to the family. They will try to find out the family code and trick your kid into thinking something bad is actually happening. But what if they find out both of the codes? Come up with a special way to say it. Row your ”R” or say the complete word or phrase in a funny way.

There are many kidnappers, but also many ways to keep your children safe! Why don’t you try this technique. It is both fun and easy. But most important it is safe.

I just wanted to give my friend Josue for helping me out on all my articles. Also you to his channel on YouTube the Golden Curtain Network. And help him out on his goal to get 500 new subscribers by the end of this year. Thank you guys.

Article by: Henry Fierro

Edited by: Josue J. Ramirez

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