The Scouting Network of FIFA 16

Global Transfer Network completely reinvented scouting from FIFA 14’s Career Mode onwards.

Clubs will start out with between one to four scouts on staff. Larger clubs will start with Fifa 16 coins ps3, while smaller sides may only have one available. All clubs can eventually hire up to six scouts to evaluate talent, and scouts themselves are rated from one to five stars depending on their influence and ability.

When looking for talent, scouts can target up to six traits to help zero in on the right fit for the squad. The search’s specificity and the quality of the scout will determine the wait for results. Typically, scouts will report back with information on players after a few days, up to a week. Scouts can be relocated at any time and will be constantly searching for talent throughout the season.

The first round of transfer reports will include preliminary information and minor details about a player’s potential strengths. As players are scouted, information becomes more detailed and accurate. Managers don’t have to immediately make decisions based on scouting reports; information is always accessible but does become outdated over time. If an entire season goes by, the information that was once collected may not be valid, so it’s best to keep tabs on targeted and viable players for your team.

List of countries you can scout in Global Scouting Network:

Northern Europe: — Denmark — England — Republic of Ireland — Norway — Russia — Scotland — Sweden

Central Europe: — Austria — Belgium — France — Germany — Netherlands — Switzerland

Southern Europe: — Italy — Portugal — Spain

Rest of Europe: — Poland

Asia: — Korea Republic (South Korea) — Saudi Arabia

Australia: — Australia

South America: — Argentina — Brazil — Chile — Colombia

North America: — USA — Mexico

Credit to fut16coin for putting the list of scoutable nations together

Everything in this post is from FIFA 15 so my be slightly out of date.