What Will FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Be

I’m just curious as to what you would like implemented to either a) restore your faith in the franchise or b) add to what you already consider to be a a solid title

I personally think the introduction of prices ranges from the beginning should give it a good start but gameplay wise I would like to see

1) Goalkeepers revamped again — my biggest bug bear this year

2) depending on the ranges maybe drop 7.5k packs to 5k Fifa coins or something similar maybe even a higher value pack that is guarantee to contain a player above 80 rating ( I like the PES Concept if I’m honest)

3) If high pressure Is to stay then stamina to have a much bigger influence on players

4) attribute cards to go

5) small overhaul of the physics engine — whilst it’s good most of the time I find it incredibly frustrating in the penalty area especially when you clearly win the ball

6) the worlds best feeling like the worlds best and players such as Ibarbo being nerfed for good (Doumbia as well to a degree but he is actually a half decent player anyway)

Just off the top of my head what I was having a think about when I was playing earlier