FIFA 20 Heading From opposition Goal-kicks

Should be coached from a young age, across of levels of participation, in real-life, and it works superbly, we have attended several elite level coaching sessions too, and this was coached to the defenders, also. It’s often mentioned on television from ‘expert’ pundits that a player who gets a run on the ball, rather than a player who is jumping from a standing position, will always win the header. This is why zonal marking is often criticized and ripped apart by football journalists. This is mostly true, and on FIFA 19, it’s no different. When the opposition GK kicks the ball long this, this gives you an ideal opportunity to win the ball back, which is why we have classified this in our attacking tips. This is what you need to do:
You should have air balls for your player switching settings, by the way, but auto-switching will also work if you use that. The AI will select a defender (99% of the time). You firstly need to move your player back towards your own goal by moving the left stick. Then, as the ball is dropping, you need to move forward with the left stick pushing into the attackers back and hold the shoot button and then tap it down a few times before the ball arrives until you come charging through and win the header (don’t let go of the left stick when tapping the pass/shoot button, keep pushing towards where the ball is coming from). On FIFA 12, 13 and 16, you had to use the shoot button every time for this. On FIFA 14 and 15 you could start to use the pass button as well. For FIFA 20, U4GM Coins Seller recommends using the following technique: use the pass button so you that you try to keep possession but if you find yourself not winning as many headers as you would like then revert to the shoot button for winning your aerial duels. See button sequence below. Imagine the goal kick is being played from the right of your screen to the left.

This can also work with the pass button but not as well as with the shoot button as your player will attack the ball with more purpose when pressing shoot. Make sure you bear that in mind.

Flick the ball on! This may sound dangerous, but it is a great technique to use. Especially if the opposition is playing a formation with a solitary striker, such as in the formation 4–2–3–1. Use the same method as above but as you’re about to head the ball aim the left stick towards your own goal to flick the ball on to one of your defenders. It works so well. If they have one striker and that is the man challenging for the ball, even if you flick the ball on and it doesn’t go to one of your other defenders, there’s no risk, and you can pick the ball up and begin your possession. This is a brilliant trip, so make sure you try this out and get used to using it where you need/can do.

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