FIFA 20 Jockeying, for us, is a far more effective way of defending than containing. Firstly, with content, you are forced to close down a player to within a certain distance. Using jockey instead will allow you to dictate the length you wish to make your defender close the ball down from and you can sprint whilst do this. This is particularly effective when defending against counter-attacks. Another plus point for jockeying is the ability to sprint whilst doing so which can be very effective, in particular on the wings. The key to jockeying is not diving in and waiting to make an interception or force the player you’re up against into wider areas which are obviously less of a threat to you.

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As you can see from the diagram, U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Teams are jockeying and keeping a distance of around 5m (of pitch space) on the field. Closer and they’ll be able to skip around you if you over commit and too far, and there won’t be enough pressure on the ball.
A massive bonus of defending when jockeying is when you do win the ball, if the player you won the ball from is still close by (as they often will be) then if you get there first, you’ll automatically be shielding the ball from the player OR if you intercept a pass your player will automatically be taking a better touch because of the L2/LT button, and you’ll also be able to turn out of tight areas to then be able to build up your attack.

Jockeying works well in conjunction with playing a counter-attacking style as the opposition are likely to advance towards you in numbers as you will be inviting them onto you. When you win the ball back, you can quickly spring into action and counter sharply and rapidly.

To summarise — Jockey vs Contain Jockeying EVERY TIME! Jockey gives you more defensive flexibility and freedom. If you use the jockey movement, you’re far likely to a) win the ball and, b) be in a far better position once you do win the ball. When you contain, you’re depending a bit on the CPU and it gives you, as the defender less control. This wasn’t so much of an issue on FIFA 18 and 19 as the AI did a lot of defending for you but on FIFA 20, defending actually takes skill and patience again, which is a very good thing. Jockeying gives you the control and helps you protect on your own. When you come up against a killer, jockey close to him, but not too tight and wait for him to make a mistake or go in for the well-timed tackle (see diagram above for more detail on the type of distance to use). Again, content can be used but jockeying is simply better. Getting used to jockeying will improve your defensive ability. Playing skill games for defending help with jockeying improvement. Jockey > contain.

TIP — The semi-circle tip. When you’re jockeying, particularly if you’re defending a counter-attack, or you want to give the opponent the hardest time taking you on, you can use or semi-circle tip. This is how it works:
Get your player into the optimum position (shown on the above diagram) and then make 120-degree semi-circle movements backing away from the player carrying the ball. Because of the fluidity of the semi-circle movement on the analog, this means that you can keep great distances between you and the man who is bursting forward on the counter-attack. This will help you hold up your opponent while others make their recovery runs and if the player is impatient and tries to go around you, you’ll be in the perfect position to take the ball.

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