How to Improve your Chances of FIFA 20 scoring

A good rule to follow is: if the GK is standing still on his line, he will more often than not dive to a corner. If they are moving around on the path, then they will often stay down the middle. Also, it is worth noting that goalkeepers tend to dive high rather than low. It is essential to spend some time practicing your penalties in the skill games and the arena. The penalty skill games are definitely some of the most helpful.

Our research explained
Okay, so it is clear to see that we have had great success in scoring our penalties and, on average, nearly saving 4/10 penalties isn’t too shabby!
You may ask the question: Why have you taken more penalties than you have faced? The reason behind this is, firstly, we don’t dive in much in and around our area, which reduces the chances of conceding a penalty. Secondly, U4GM started to become better and implement more and more skill moves than ever this year, and this saw an increase in the number of pens we were awarded. There are a great skill moves and dribbling section, which is brand new to the guide this year to help you win more penalties and free-kicks.

Looking at the research also shows us that on the ultimate team, people are far brasher with their tackling technique. Perhaps this is because it is seen as a more fun game mode. Maybe it is because of the increased pace of the game style of FUT with boosted attributes etc. U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Team think it is probably a combination of the two. We earned a penalty every 3.5 games on FUT whereas, on seasons, you’re looking at close to 7 sets per sentence awarded. To put this into context, in a regular Premier League season of 38 games that would mean that a team had been awarded 11 deaths throughout the season. That is quite a lot and having a free shot from 12 yards every 3.5 games is only going to increase your chances of scoring and winning games.

How to take penalties
Receiving a complete revamp, for FIFA 18 and this being continued into FIFA 19 and now 20, it’s essential to get the fundamentals right.

BEFORE > You can move your player behind the ball using the right stick which will give you a different angle to work with.

FIRST > Choose which type of penalty you want to take. Chip (L1/LB) — Finesse (R2/RT) –Driven (power only).

SECOND > Start the player moves towards the ball by choosing the power of the shot.

THIRD > Make sure as you power up the shot that you move the stick forward to start to aim where you want the penalty to be taken (careful you don’t hold the direction too far across or you’ll blaze it entirely).

FORTH > Hold any combination of buttons to do a slow run (L2/LT) up or a quick run up (R1/RB).

Be sure to follow the following guidelines to place your penalties high or low 1.5–2 bars of power for a shot to the lower regions of the goal;

o 2.5 bars for a middle of the netball;

o 2.5+ bars of power for a chance to the upper areas of the net.

1. As with free kicks, it’s essential to get used to your players and how a few of them take penalties. The above guidelines will send the ball at different trajectories, but each player will be slightly different (as with free-kicks).

2. Make sure that before you play ANY online games that you go and practice the penalties skill games. Not only will these help you understand the changes for FIFA 20, but they will also help you to take a wider variety of penalties which will make you more deadly from the spot. This could be particularly useful for FUT Champions game mode which won’t feature any draws.

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