Mind Maps

Here are the three topic/concepts I am interested in and want to spend time to explore:


Paranoia is defined as a heavily biased thought process or instinct that is believed to be influenced by dear or anxiety. Paranoia often leads to delusion and irrationality. I am particularly interested in this topic for two main reasons. Although sometimes fears has been treated as irrational, however, I do believe in some cases they are based on rational threats such as being afraid of fire because it can cause us pain, or fear of height because it post potential threats of falling which could lead to death. So in these cases, how is a rational based fears leads to such irrational outcome? In addition, Paranoia is believed to be caused by fear and anxiety which are internal factors. However, those can be triggered by our external surroundings, so I am also interested how external factors can affect paranoia.

We practice decision making every day, and each choice we make are based on some reason. However, not all those reasons are “rational ” and “correct”. What does a correct choice mean then? Is there a unified right or wrong, or it’s just what we believe? Moreover, what we “CHOOSE” to believe? Do we really make rational choices, or are they secretly affected by other facts that we are not aware of? What makes us decide, and how do our decisions affect our lives?

If we say choices are rational, what about our desires? Things we wanted outside our necessary needs, things that we want so much yet don’t need. What are the drives for our desires, and how do they affect our living and who we are?