You don’t follow your passion, your passion follows you.

Passion — a word that moves something within us gives us — the motivation to do something, something we look forward to. And when we find that “something”, we know we have reached the ultimate level of passion.

I wrote a post earlier about how we should follow our passion and how it’s important to do what we love — whether it’s a job, hobby or a relationshiop. Not to do anything we don’t have to do.

Not to do a job just because it pays the bills. Not to be in a relationship just so people see you in one. Not to pursue a career just because you studied a certain degree. After digging more and more into the self-awareness / self-discovery journey, I noticed that some people look at “passion” in a different way… They believe that passion comes from what you do and that you’ll create passion for something after you do it… Do you agree?

I’m gonna play the Devil’s advocate here; I always thought that people should follow their dreams, they should do what they’re passionate about! Some studies and speakers out there indicate that we might miss on great opportunities that could change our lives, because we are pursuing the “thing” that we are passionate about. So, shall we not follow our dream? Shall we not follow our “passion”?

So, shall we not follow our dream? Shall we not follow our “passion”?

Some say that you don’t create your life and then live it, you live it while you are creating it! I understand that some of us graduate from school not knowing what is it that we are passionate about. That’s mostly if we didn’t pursue what we love or what we wanted to study anyway. But how often do we see that happen?

Maybe I live in my own bubble but I was always into Art and Design since I was a little boy. Therefore, I studied Design — something I’m passionate about and that led me to jobs in Art and Design. So far it has paid off, I don’t know what would I have done if I didn’t go that path.

Maybe some people grow loving what they do and they develop a passion for it. Like how my grandma said — she got married then the love came after! Really — isn’t that era already been and past?

So, what do you think — is it better to play it safe? Is it ok to just take the job because it pays the bills? Is it ok to not know where we are heading in five years from now? Is passion a plan or is it just a feeling?

Here is a talk from Terri Trespicio under the title “Stop Searching for your Passion” at TEDxKD 2015. Terri Trespicio is a writer, lifestyle and relationship expert, and media personality.

Please watch it, share it and comment whether you think we should or shouldn’t search for our passion.

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