PRE-INVESTMENT | Where we saw opportunity

Opendoor was in need of a strategic partner in homebuilding, which would allow it to readily gain access to new markets, boost their supply, and aid overall in financial initiatives. Fifth Wall saw this as the perfect opportunity to connect Opendoor, a best-in-class startup with huge potential, and Lennar, the second largest homebuilder in the US, in the creation of a hugely accumulative partnership.

POST-INVESTMENT | How we added value

Fifth Wall has helped Opendoor to secure a significant amount of debt financing from Rialto, a subsidiary of Lennar.

Fifth Wall has structured numerous additional partnership since investing, such as the Lennar Trade-Up-Program partnership, an Opendoor/Lennar data-sharing partnership, an attractively priced staple-on mortgage financing and title insurance from Lennar, and network of vendor relationships (via the partnership) that were previously unattainable.