App Store Review #1

by Mikhail Shagin

Every Thursday Apple updates their Featured list. We wait this day and play the most of “Best New Games”. Titles are clickable.

Does not Commute
New game from Smash Hit developers. Not bad. I like such a PAKO-style gameplay. Monetization is the same but this time it’s more frustrating to start from the beginning. Menu is weird again but visual effects are really great. VFX are limited on old devices. We found no bloom and some lags on iPhone 5.

Strange wooden menu
Cool visual effects

Bouncy Bits
Who does think that this frustrating gameplay is a fun? It is not.


Burn It Down
Yes, I understand the idea. Boooring.

Dialogues are sounded

Singularity — Modern Lights Out
The game is too hard so you play just randomly until you win. It’s not a puzzle it’s a clicker.

You’ve better play GoW