App Store Review #3

by Mikhail Shagin

Every Thursday Apple updates their Featured list. We wait this day and play the most of “Best New Games”. Titles are clickable.

Catch The Rabbit
Crossy Road monetisation and high-level inspired other studios to do the same. Sometimes developers use it reasonable, sometimes they just copy. Ketchapp makes small simple games and sure wants to increase their retention. Why not make the same stuff but get more?

Crossy Road invented new monetisation approach. It works and I’m sure a lot of games will use a similar way to retain players and earn profits.

I got a tiger!

Skatelander — Endless Arcade Skateboarding
Yeah, some people just copy Crossy Road and do it very awful. Everything is the same but badly done: visual style, gifts, lottery, characters, hidden characters, level themes, fonts etc. How does Apple feature such games in some stores?

There are even

High Dive
I don’t know why this game goes so well in the Tops. I feel very frustrated when playing it.

Visual style is good

Anyway this week you could check cool 50% sales section in the App Store. You could get GTA or Monument Valley for a good price.