Here’s what you can do if both your Senators already support net neutrality

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As we get closer and closer to an historic Senate vote on net neutrality, and the Internet prepares to go on Red Alert, people have been asking, “How can I help if both of my Senators are already supporting the resolution to block the FCC repeal?” Here’s some answers:

First, check to see where your House members stand as well, and call them. If we win in the Senate, we’ll have to get the Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution passed in the House as well to restore net neutrality.

Then, do this: There are a handful of Senators who are on the fence and the most likely swing votes. But calling them yourself won’t really help unless you live in their state. We need to get as many of their constituents to call as possible. Here’s how:

  1. Contact your friends in these states, and tell them to call their Senators using the tool at
  2. You can use Facebook Graph search to pull up lists of your friends who live in the key states, and then message them one by one. It’s pretty quick if you get into it. Use the list below. You have to be logged in for it to work.
  3. Here’s a quick suggested message: “Hey! The Senate is about to vote on net neutrality and your Senator is key. Can you call? This site makes it super easy:

Here’s the list:

Please share this to spread the word. The Senate will move to force a vote on May 9th and the actual vote could come any day after that, likely early the next week. Starting May 9th, join the Red Alert for Net Neutrality protests too!

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