Awaited: A Christmas Show Review

Have any of you from Cincinnati been to Awaited this year? What was your experience like? Our family went this week and it was a truly incredible experience. It is so refreshing to see good art. A show like this reminds me that good art can inspire, challenge, and incite people to something deeper. I struggle with having a hardened heart and for this another book or lecture doesn’t help. I found myself in tears numerous times during the show from joy and sadness. This doesn’t come easy for me. I feel like most churches and businesses use art as propaganda, taking advantage of every medium that exists, just to push an agenda. People and creation are not to be taken advantage of. I’m thankful for a movement in a city that is making good art and inspiring me to do the same. If you are in this city and have not seen this show I can not recommend it high enough. If the tickets were not free I would buy them for you. If I was in a different city I would fly to it. Most of the shows are “sold out” but most everyone from standby gets in. Wherever you are, I hope you find yourself inspired and your heart softened this holiday season and can find some good art to help.

Thanks to everyone at Crossroads who made this happen. These are a few of you…Tiffany, Mae, Robbie, Joshua, Lena, Maria, Steven, Craig, Matt, Darrin,David, Matt, Rob, Kyle + the 500 others. You guys are doing good work.

Originally posted on FB 12/15/15