In 2001 we had been married for a year and a half. 
We had a one year old, Kami was in nursing school, we were living in a tiny one bedroom apartment, living off of government peanut butter making 16k/year. People told us we should wait to have kids. We were young. We should “enjoy” marriage. That we didn’t have enough money. 
That we should finish school. 
9 Months later we had baby girl. This one wasn’t blonde. She looked kind of Asian, like me. We named her Eden.

This child was different. She was detailed and meticulous. She had an eye for patterns and flowers. She made tiny things. She was quiet.
Today she turns 13. She becomes a woman. A real life adult. 
In the last 13 years, I’ve wondered about school. 
I’ve wondered about work. 
I’ve wondered about money. 
But I’ve never wondered about Eden. 
She has been a blessing to me in so many ways. She made my heart softer, she made me less selfish, she taught me courage can be quiet, and details are important. 
Maybe if we waited she would be better off, or some other parents would have gotten her (I’m not sure how that stuff works), but I wouldn’t trade the last 13 years for anything. Nothing. 
Today is a celebration to us of God’s faithfulness, children, transition, and growth. We are so blessed and happy to have her in our life and thankful that we had a part in bringing her into this world.

Originally posted on FB 12/24/15