Horseshoe Casino Lied to Us

Remember that scene in Back to the Future II?

Cincinnati: Horseshoe Casino offered us jobs and a brighter future. They lied to us.

“In the end, the casinos will leave. And they’ll leave behind a burned-over district with no thriving agricultural, manufacturing, or tourism economies. In the meantime, they leave behind the wreckage of “check-to-cash” loan sharks, pawn shops, prostitution, and 1–2–3 divorce courts.”

“Gambling isn’t primarily a question of personal vice. If it were, we could simply ask our people to avoid the lottery tickets and horse-tracks, but leave it legal. Gambling is a justice issue that defines how it is that we love our neighbors and uphold the common good.”

Quotes taken from THIS ARTICLE: Gambling is a Justice Issue by Russell Moore.

Originally posted on FB 10/15/15