New Suit

Thanks to everyone who helped with finding a suit. I’ve gotten awards and been to fancy dinners but TODAY is the best dressed I have been in my entire life. The reason is that today I get to officiate a wedding. That means I have the privilege and responsibility of presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ using the imagery of a real bride and groom. It’s amazing. Because of the gospel we get to make vows that, if we are honest, we are unable to completely and fully keep. Because of the gospel we get to be a perfect bride spotless, blameless, and pure. Because of the gospel we get to walk down the aisle someday perfectly loved, pursued, and desired by God himself. The role of a priest is to stand in the gap and show people here on earth what is going on in heaven. What a privilege to be able to stand in that gap.

Originally posted on FB 9/26/15