No, Jinger. It was real: A response to the Duggars

Jinger Duggar: “It Was So Unreal” YouTube video.

No, Jinger. It was real. 
We’re all guilty of this type of response but it’s dangerous. Denial happens when we make a hero out of someone and instead of facing our own brokenness , at their fall, we respond with shock and then replacement. Our need for a hero will never be filled by a Josh Duggar, Lance Armstrong, or a presidential candidate. 
Josh’s deception was terrible. But the artificial environment favored by the religious, that awards hero status is just as responsible for the tragedy. Josh Duggar was trying to live up to something. But it was the wrong thing. The basis of Christianity is weakness and confession NOT strength and morality. The shock of the family reveals this. 
“This person we knew was no longer the same person.” No, he was the exact same person. He just could never figure out a way to fit his reality (the one you are all finally seeing) with his environment. He probably felt like a monster. And maybe he is. I felt that way too. Any time to you create an environment based upon morality any immoral person will feel like a monster. 
So, we must not just continue on with “everyday life”. We must begin with confession. Our OWN. Only then does the gospel take on power. It should not be our coffee, sound systems or morality that draws people.

ps. I’m not a Duggar hater nor do I want to spark a duggar debate but am more using this example to talk about something I have seen many times with fallen heroes inside and outside the church.

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