Road Trip: Behind the Scenes

Feeling settled after being back from our road trip. Been meaning to share some thoughts about the whole experience so I’m going to stop putting it off now. Documenting a road trip on facebook feels like creating a reality TV show and, of course, reality TV shows aren’t real. They’re staged. Knowing what to post, what not to post, when to post it so that it’s not distracting to the family and time is very tough. We feel called to share our lives but we also crave accuracy and authenticity — two things that facebook seems to hate. In an effort towards honesty I want to share some of the things that didn’t make the FB timeline from our trip.

My mom and dad packed food for us and woke up at 4am to see us off from Kentucky. We ate this food for most of the trip.

The night before we left we had dinner with my parents, the Varelas, McCartneys, and Lenoirs. What most people don’t realize is that our life is such that we do not like vacations and don’t think of the traveling we do as a necessary get away. We love our lives at home and the people who are in them and feel it is a huge sacrifice and loss to be gone.

I feel like I don’t talk to my kids enough in the car.

There was the time I got pissed off at my son for an altercation with his sister and stopped the van to yell at him.

There was the fight with Kami that lasted overnight because she feels like I want too much affection and I feel like she doesn’t give enough. …this is a classic.

There was the hour everyday I spent processing and uploading photos on the computer.

There were the Glatzels. A family that went to a church in Seattle that we hardly knew. They have 2 kids and two bedroom house and offered us one of them in Minneapolis. He said he could have helped me avoid the mall of America but I think I needed to learn the hard way.

There was the fierce wind in North Dakota.

There was the freaking entire freaking case of frappachinos from Costco we drank.

Last minute lunch with the Molitors in Moses Lake! Mitch was my boss when I worked construction ages 19–21. He was the best boss I ever had and taught me that learning and work could be fun.

There was my friend from 3rd grade who prayed for a meal and thanked God for us sharing that we have had a profound impact on her family’s life through facebook! This was shocking, humbling and incredibly encouraging.

AAAAAaaaand there was a lot more. But you get the idea. Thanks for traveling along on our journeys, *like*ing, leaving comments, sending notes, and in general being open to us and some of our crazy new ideas.

Originally posted on FB 9/16/15