The Wonderland Trail

“The growth in family solidarity provided by 2 or 3 weeks in the wilds, far from the bondage of the telephone, may be greater than in all the rest of the year combined.” — E & P Trueblood

This last year our family did the Wonderland Trail for the 5th time in 7 years. That means we have spent close to 2 months of our life walking around the mountain since Obama has been president. We do it because it is the best thing that I know of to bring our family together. It may sound extreme. No water, no electricity, adventure, no internet or TV. But today, family and togetherness face extreme opposition and the pleasure and joy that we have felt being together outside is equally extreme.

This year we spent $1000 on camera equipment, carried 11 batteries and a full SLR setup for 95 miles. Then we spent more than 60 hours editing. We did not do this just to “capture some memories.” We did this because we believe more people need to see the freedom, joy, and togetherness that can be experienced in the wild.

Thanks for watching. Thanks for having the imagination to see beyond the separation, beyond the grind. Thanks for fighting. ‪#‎fightfortogether‬
- The Crawfords

Click HERE to watch first video.

Originally posted on FB 11/12/15