Thirteenth Birthday and Birth Control

I’m sitting in Texas with Eden getting back from 6 days together in Nicaragua. We both can’t wait to get home. We planned our trip to not miss a Shabbat Friday night dinner which is our happiest event of the week. Today’s vlog is about the day she turned 13. Kami and I both cried. We both believe that the way we view children has everything do do with how we “parent” them. Our view of children has been a long, painful, and changing process. We are starting to view children as a gift and in that way we view ourselves as the primary beneficiaries of “parenting.” It has not always been that way though. Not so long ago we planned for a normal size family that would minimize the interference of our lives for as little as possible. We wanted to have our cake and eat it too. Many of us were hurt by parents and siblings growing up and our viewpoint of family was best characterized by the Simpsons. We believe there’s another way. It’s better than the Simpsons and it’s better than abandoning the idea of family to accomplish individual whatever. This last week I experienced just a taste of that better way. Playing in the waves is fun by yourself. I’m sure it would have been special with Kami. And even a friend. But it was wild to be with my teenage daughter. So, since I want to be with my family when I get home, and since the internet is screaming fast here in America, I’m going to post today’s vlog early, here from the airport. Hope you all have a great weekend. This one is dedicated to those of you raising teenagers out there. Have hope and don’t give up. Back to my sbux in Texas.

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Originally posted on FB 12/5/15