We are pleased to inform you about the new content update in version v101 🕔 Update time: 5:00 on September 24, 2022 (UTC +0)

💥 Some notable about this update version:

— Optimized Game Mechanics.

— Aether discount from 10 USDF to 5 USDF, wallets with unused Aether will receive Aether equal amount of the unused Aether.

— Optimized the Marketplace Trading system

— Event to receive an extra 10% reward bonus

👉 Detailed information about the content of version v101 will be announced by us at 5:00 am on September 24, 200 (UTC +0).

👇 Here are the RECAP of the AMA Show: http://bitly.ws/uznk

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⚔️ What is up, our FOTA fighters?

Today we take a moment of great rejoicing to announce that the official global gameplay version of Fight of The Ages has just launched.

Embark together on a hazardous journey into a shared Triple-A open-world MOBA, immerse into the magical realms of FOTA, fight for your clan and become the last man standing!


In order to protect yourself from phishing, scams or malware, only download our games from website: https://www.fota.io. Check the URL carefully before downloading.

We added another layer to protect the end users from risk of scams by signing our game client with the certification issued to FOTA. Check the legitimacy of the game client by comparing the hash of the file.
SHA256: 427e6ce759d8fbd47071dff1eeae0c10dea34c392e9459288e59a6d381a0172a