In Defense of Immigrants

Immigration. A word that stirs up so many emotions. From fear and anger to utter happiness and excitement. All of these emotions are valid. However, immigrants allow this nation to run, no matter their status. Families cross over to find a better life. Others simply want to escape violence. Regardless of the reason, families are together. At least before Trump took office. He has ordered millions of undocumented immigrants to be deported, causing families to split. This angers me because I value family life. Plus, our Founders were immigrants.

Both legal and illegal immigrants have contributed a great deal to America. Take, if you will, Latinx immigrants. These wonderful people make restaurants run, work on farms and till the land. In other words, they do the jobs that the rest of America does not want to do. They are not afraid to get dirty. Latinx individuals take pride in their work and will risk anything for work. These people deserve to be here, regardless of immigration status. Not only does our economy depend on migrant workers, deportations tear families apart.

The family is the foundation of any society. Both legal and illegal immigrants, as well as natural born Americans, know this. However, President Trump and his team want to deport illegals, which usually includes parents. Children born to illegals are, by law, American citizens. This means at least half of a family is legal. Under the current administration, however, families are being torn apart.

This cannot stand! We cannot and will not accept the separation of families! Families MUST remain together. It is a tragedy that mass deportations are ruining the foundation of society.

Lastly, my friends, America was built and founded by immigrants. Immigrants that wanted equality to reign and all citizens taken care of. Immigrants that desired a just society. A country with a thriving economy and strong sense of unity. This vision is being blurred by hate, stemming from the White House. The seat of freedom is destroying this unity and destroying innocent lives. Equality is at a standstill and progress is halted. Immigrants are no longer being welcomed. This hate will end soon, with our help.

As always, call, email and write your congressmen. Tell them to stop supporting Trump's anti-immigrant and nativist views. Ask them to present a bill that would allow millions of undocumented immigrants to become permanent residents so that they can remain with their families. Thank you all!