A Tale of Three Cities: The Trump Story

The Trump administration is off to a rocky start. From his complete disdain for the environment to his shady advisors, to his failed health care bill. His team cannot seem to agree on what to do with Assad. Nikki Haley and Sec. Tillerson are telling us different things. This situation with Syria is harming allies and emboldening enemies.

Differing Agendas

President Trump and his team have different agendas. For example, Secretary Tillerson does not want a regime change in Syria. On the other hand, Nikki Haley, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, seems to want a regime change. At the same, Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, seems to want to send ground troops to Syria. From an international perspective, this all seems disjointed and dangerous. It is disjointed and dangerous, especially for our allies.

Harming Allies

Our allies, such as Britain and France, want a strong ally. A strong ally has a unified position in foreign policy. A unified position allows for a safer world. Danger is significantly higher when no plan comes together. Our allies are exposed and will be attacked. Meanwhile, our adversaries, such as Iran, Syria and North Korea see this as an opportunity to grow.

Helping Enemies

It is common knowledge that evil thrives in chaos. As the United States tries to iron out a Syria plan, Iran and North Korea are expanding their nuclear programs. This is fertile training ground for a nuclear war. Both nations want nuclear weapons. They both are testing them out. North Korea has had great success with their tests. Iran is silently testing. All of this cannot be dealt with until Syria is taken care of.

A Plan Is Needed

This administration needs to come together and work out a solid and humane plan. Assad is emboldened by the apparent disorganization of the Trump administration. He is still using chemical weapons against civilians. He will not stop. It is up to President Trump and Congress to deal with Syria. Let's hope it gets done soon.