When Business Meets Government

The following post is about Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt’s pro-business attitude towards the environment. Human activity, in particular CO2 emissions, is the cause of global warming. However, Trump and Pruitt deny this universally accepted fact.

Scott Pruitt, head of United States Environmental Protection Agency, has made numerous statements denying that human activity is the main cause of global climate change. The scientific community has conducted numerous studies that have proved otherwise. According to Climate Change: Evidence and Causes, a document published by the Royal Society and the US Academy of Sciences, humans have caused a 40% increase in CO2 emissions since the mid 1800s. This is alarming. Not only are we responsible for this inexcusable harm, our leaders are spitting in the face of the environment and allowing this destructive behavior.

Donald Trump, the leader of the free world, is actually feeding his cabinet these lies. He and Pruitt share the same goal. You know what the goal is? To mix government with business. Trump needs to rape the environment of everything in order for his business to grow.

He will do anything and everything to destroy our precious planet. Big oil has succeeded under this administration. The fossil fuel industry is set to expand. Our water is being contaminated. To Trump and his buddy Pruitt, this is welcome news. These two blockheads don't understand the importance of a healthy climate. $$$ is on the brain and we suffer.

Up until now, big business has ruined our environment. They have won every climate lawsuit. Now that Trump and Pruitt are in charge, we see their true goals. We see their motivation. It angers us. This anger has built a green revolution not known to this country. It is a living and breathing movement that will only get stronger.

I urge EVERY environmental justice warrior to contact their Members of Congress and tell them to DEFEND AND PROTECT Mother Earth. Better yet, contact Secretary Pruitt himself about your concern for the environment. We can only do this together! Mother Earth depends on you, don’t let her down!