Fading of Time

When we lose something that is precious to us, we are left with a lot of feelings that can overwhelm and confuse us. None of those feelings ultimately feel worse than the paramount sadness we feel. Whether it is a precious friend, a family member or even a treasured possession, the loss can be one that is hard to bear and in a lot of cases hard to overcome. It feels as if a part of you has left.

Throughout our lives we forge relationships with a collection of friends. Having those close relationships helps us feel as if we are not alone in the world. So, when we lose someone or something that is precious to us, we sometimes realize that there is a certain loneliness that can never be filled.

I felt those feelings for the first time 6 years ago when I lost a dear person in my life to breast cancer. Since that time, I have unfortunately had to go through those same feelings more times than I would like. However, I understand it as a process of life and although it hurts for those of us who are left behind I have come to accept the inevitability of it all. Through my faith, I choose to believe that those souls are in a better place and watching upon me as a guiding light. This poem is for all of those smiling down upon us.

— — —

The endeavours I face
day to day

Are conflicts that don’t
seem to fade

I wake up,
Softly screaming your name

A lost little boy
Searching the heavens

I struggle with the loss,
pain and anxiety.

But most of all, I
just really miss you

You meant so much to me,
I’m scared I won’t be the same

Don’t worry, time heals all wounds
is what everyone says.

So I quietly watch the clock
As time fades away…

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